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This site was created to organize opposition to the Hardwood Lumber and Hardwood Plywood Promotion, Research and Information Order. (Click here to view the Agriculture Marketing Services (AMS) proposal). Find an Agriculture committee member. There are several reasons this “check off” program is a bad idea:

• The program includes a fundamental inequity resulting in the primary producers baring disproportionately more costs than the secondary manufacturers and wholesalers.

• It is compulsory for five years, with no “opt out” option

• in the proposed order the costs of the program are well defined however the expected benefits and risks are not

• the proposed order includes no specific plan of how the assessment (tax) money will be spent

Please view the over 1300 public comments filed with the USDA, or here to post your comment, on the proposed Order.


Beyond opposition to the proposed Hardwood Checkoff Program, please consider what this group advocates:

We Believe:

• Promotion of the use of U.S. hardwoods is a good thing for our individual companies, for our industry and for our country.

• We should be able to devote our promotion budgets to the programs that we believe most benefit us directly.

• As business owners/managers we have a responsibility to establish our own framework of metrics within which we can evaluate the effectiveness of our promotional efforts.

• We have a responsibility to evaluate the effectiveness of our promotional programs within that framework and have the responsibility to continue or to suspend any given promotional activity based upon our assessment of the program’s effectiveness.

• These functions are best fulfilled by each individual participant company in our industry.

Also, if you support our opposition to the proposal, please feel free to email us at: 

[email protected]